Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson Scrubs

Bring the fun and fashion of Betsey Johnson to your workday with this fantastic new collection! In addition to the great looking print scrub tops, this line features fashionable solid scrub tops and scrub pants that provide all-day comfort throughout your shift. Healthcare professionals will appreciate features such as roomy pockets, soft stretch fabric, elastic waists, and drawstrings. Betsey Johnson fashion provides a nursing uniform that gives you the best of style and comfort. Find what suits you best at Scrubs & Beyond!

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    New Color
    Buttercup Tapered Leg Pants
    Women's Scrubs
  2. -
    Yarrow Elastic Waist Cargo Pants
    Women's Scrubs
  3. Poppy Elastic Smock Waist Pants
    Poppy Elastic Smock Waist Pants
    Women's Scrubs
    SALE FROM $23.98
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