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Beyond Scrubs Socks For The Soul 12-14mmHG Compression Socks

item # 99597

Beyond Scrubs Socks For The Soul 12-14mmHG Compression Socks

item # 99597
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$15.99 - $15.99
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Pick up a pair of the Beyond Scrubs Socks For The Soul Compression Socks to complete your outfit! These socks from our exclusive brand provide a cute look and have an inspirational word on the soles. In addition, the 12-14 mmHG compression provides support and promotes superior circulation. Pick all of your favorite styles!

Beyond Scrubs Socks For The Soul 12-14 mmHG Compression Socks

  • 12-14 mmHG compression
  • 60% spandex/40% nylon
  • Beyond Scrubs item #CLI-SB1

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Compression Socks
Karalea (Maricopa, AZ) 04/24/2018
My socks arrived today and I tried them on and love them. My feet are on the longer end of the spectrum so typically these types of "women's" socks are tight in the toe area but not these, they appear to fit excellent!!! These go all the way up to my knees unlike some others that barely reach feeling like I have to continuously pull them up. I can't wait to wear my new socks! 5 stars/2 thumbs up!!!
So cute
Lyndsey (Beaumont, CA) 02/15/2018
These socks are adorable! I wish I had a non compression pair to wear outside of work. I usually buy the cheap compression socks at Wal Mart so these were my first good pair of compression socks I’ve worn. They’re great! I need to order more.
Good sock
Valerie Webb (Fredericksbrg, VA) 01/29/2018
Good sock - feels comfortable to wear. The only complaint is that there are indentions on the legs - especially with the diamond pattern of the one pair. But the legs did feel good, the sock didn't slide down the calf, wasn't too hot of a material.
Amazing socks!
Jessica Phillips (Denton, TX) 01/19/2018
These socks are the best I've found so far! While others are cute and less expensive, they leave indentions in my legs (my calves are fairly big) from the designs that make my legs itch horribly halfway through the shift. These socks are super soft, thicker (and warmer), and my legs feel amazing after running around all night. I only wish I had found these sooner so I could have avoided the itching from others. I will definitely be keeping these around.
My favorite work socks!
Kari (Fayetteville, NC) 12/27/2017
By far the best compression socks I have tried!! I left one star off only because I have short legs (I'm only 5'0 ) and the socks could almost be thigh highs on me. I end up folding them down and sometimes it gets a little tight if I don't fold them down far enough. I can definitely tell a difference when I don't wear them! They keep my legs and feet from throbbing after a long, rough-- 12 hour shift on my feet!
Best I have tried!!
Chandra Canerdy (Randolph , MS) 12/24/2017
I purchased this brand of compressions while on a trip to Indiana. I like that they are thicker than most. With the thin compressions my shoes tend to not fit right, they slide. I feel I still have to wear my ankle socks. With these, I did not feel that way and my legs are not hurting from a 12 hour shift. I will purchase more.
Feel Fabulous!
Nancy (Wisconsin Rapids, WI) 12/05/2017
Still have a lot of energy after wearing these socks 10+ hours! Being a hairdresser for 30+ years, it's nice to feel great after a day at work. Will be purchasing more down the road!
No pain all gain!
Patricia (PARADISE, CA) 11/03/2017
I love these! I have been on my feet for 17 years now and I must say these are by far the best. I can make it through my shift without sore legs and feet which means I make it to the gym after work!
Socks for the soul
Karen Ackerman (Grovetown, GA) 08/13/2017
My legs feel great the whole 12hrs of my shift. Great investment