Landau Comfort Unisex Slip Resistant Nursing Clogs

item # 98051

Landau Comfort Unisex Slip Resistant Nursing Clogs

item # 98051
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$39.99 - $39.99
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Surround your feet in comfort with the Landau Unisex Comfort nursing clog! Molded polyurethane clog with "High Closed Back" design for secure fit and easy on/off entry!

Landau Comfort Unisex Slip Resistant Nursing Clogs

  • Slip resistant in oily and wet conditions
  • Removable pillow top contoured foot bed is anti-microbial
  • 1 1/4" wedge heel.

  • Size M11, M12, M13 are sized for Men

    Fit Tip: This shoe features unisex sizing, to find your correct size, please reference the size chart to ensure proper fit.
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    How to fix the sqeak/make innersole last longer/reduce sweating
    Anonymous (Manville, RI) 01/22/2018
    To get rid of the annoying squeak,make the innersole last longer,reduce sweating:Do NOT wear socks with these clogs.Remove the innersole and put gold bond powder into each clog,then place the innersole back into them.Slide your bare feet into them:noise will be gone,innersoles will last longer and your feet will sweat less.
    Painful Feet
    Nancy (Hillsborough, NC) 11/20/2017
    Someone here reviewed the comfort of these shoes. I can't help but feel jealous of her experience.

    I read her comment and went directly to the store to get these shoes. BIG MISTAKE, these shoes are god awful.
    I spent a month in these shoes, and everyday I went home in agony. My feet would hurt so bad at the end of my shift, cried on more than one occasion.

    And yes they do squeak quite loudly.
    Squeaky shies
    juss me (Los Angeles, CA) 07/21/2017
    They feel great.
    Problem was... they SQUEAK badly with each and every step. Annoying, like fingernails across a chalkboard.
    Its horribly loud and annoying. Will awaken sick patients at night.
    perhaps the cheap materials got damaged in the heat of shipment and maybe ruined them.
    Had to return them, could not walk in them without the sound of like soak and wet squeek.
    Very bad. Had to have been damaged by the heat during shipment.
    Do Your Research
    Kristina Drawdy (Myrtle Beach, SC) 05/19/2017
    The good, the bad and the ugly...... The good: These make my legs, knees, feet and back not hurt. Which is great! I added some cheap gel inserts just to help with that too. However, and this is where the ugly comes in, they make your feet sweat like CRAZY! Every time I sit down, I take them off. They get a musty smell and your feet are moist constantly! I have other coworkers with the same shoes and the same problems. Now for the bad: If you like for your feet to sweat like a hog and you like buying shoes every few months, by all means, BUY THESE. I've been wearing these daily for only a few months and the sole of the shoe is literally disintegrating. They are falling apart. I will not purchase these again.
    Landau Shoe
    Christy Nicholson (PICKENS, SC) 01/12/2017
    The Landau shoe I ordered seems like a good shoe and I have had a pair very similar to these in the past (same brand) and they were great shoes and I wore them for quite a while, however, use caution with the size! I ordered a size 6 which normally fits my foot and they were way too big for me! I'm going to have to buy sizers to go inside because it is such a pain to return something you order by mail if it does not fit!
    Shoe review
    Heidi Lopez (Racine, WI) 01/24/2016
    These are garbage! I am on my second pair and I will never buy these again! The bottoms come loose and I don't wear them in wet just to work. For $40 plus they are not worth it. They didn't even last six months. For the Landau name this is not quality.
    Most comfortable shoes!
    Claudine (Seattle, WA) 02/03/2014
    A co-worker suggested these shoes and I can't say enough about them. I had Danskos before, but after wearing these, I'll never go back. They're so comfy AND inexpensive. I love them!
    Landau Unisex Comfort Nursing Clogs
    Pete (Tonawanda, NY) 08/19/2013
    I got these for my wife who works on a concrete floor all day. She loves them and says her feet no longer hurt like they did before. She's on her third pair.
    best shoes ever
    laura (charlotte, NC) 09/03/2012
    i used these shoes in nursing school and am still using them, have had them for 5 years and they still look like scared to buy another kind of shoe because it might not measure up..the comfort is amazing absolutely no pain or soreness.i highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for high quality won't regret it