Landau Women's Print Compression Socks

item # 99618

Landau Women's Print Compression Socks

item # 99618
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$9.99 - $9.99
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The Landau Women's Print Compression Socks are highlighted by an eye-catching design in shades of blue and green! These socks are made with high grade stretch fabric, plus 8-15 mmHg compression to give you better circulation and comfort. Select all of your favorite color combinations!

Landau Women's Print Compression Socks

  • Antimicrobial material
  • 8-15 mmHg lightweight compression
  • 70% nylon/20% polyester/10% spandex
  • Fits sizes 9-11

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Too Long
Pamela (Lithia, FL) 01/29/2018
I purchased these socks due to the sale that was offered. I work 12 hr nights in a hospital setting. I have purchased similar socks before and thought these would be so cool! I'm 5'7" and have smaller sized calves.

Upon arrival and washing I tried them on. They were too long, came up over my knee. So I tried to wear them like that. After 45 min I had to roll the top down over my calf because the pressure around my knee was too great.

Rolling them down caused a line around both calves so I couldn't leave the socks rolled down.
I ended up just pulling the socks back up and scrunching them down a bit. This isn't how these compression socks are designed. My legs were well supported for 12 hrs. I have worn them a few more times, trying to leave the foot portion a bit longer (bunches up under feet), scrunching (legs get too tired), and folding them past my calf (leaves a line on your legs when you scrunch).

I love the colors, the patterns, the pricing, the swift delivery, and the fact that they keep my legs from getting tired! These socks are just too long for me. I will be giving them to a coworker who is 6' and has longer tibia's than I do.
Landau Compression Socks
NANCY (Wisconsin Rapids, WI) 12/05/2017
Socks were very comfortable, fit well as far as compression. However, myself being shorter, they were a bit too long in the leg for me and I had to roll them down on the top. They weren't as comfortable in that area. Will try just sliding them down a bit the next try.
Great Socks
Michelle Heimos (Lake St. Louis , MO) 11/11/2017
I have a hard time finding socks that don't roll down on me. I also have a big calf. These socks have done great, comfortable, and durable material. I would recommend these to anyone.
Landau compression socks
Matilde Trujillo (Austin, TX) 08/14/2017
Great material and compression, unfortunately, too big, I didn't know fits 9-11 size and I am a 7.