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Nurse Mates Align Velocity Slip Resistant Nursing Shoes

item # 98544

Nurse Mates Align Velocity Slip Resistant Nursing Shoes

item # 98544
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$89.99 - $89.99
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Experience the comfort and style of the Align Velocity lace-up shoes from Nurse Mates! These innovative shoes place the foot in an optimum position for proper alignment, stability, and support. Flexible materials, a heel cup, and multi-level arch contribute to the superior fit.

Nurse Mates Align Velocity Lace-up Nursing Shoes

  • Lace-up
  • Full-grain, stain-resistant upper
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Stabilizing composite shank
  • Slip-resistant traction inserts
  • Multi-lateral corrective orthotic with a contoured, stabilizing, design and high density, anti-abrasive composition
  • It is recommended that you break in the Align shoes by wearing them for only a few hours each day, then gradually working up to wearing them all day.
  • Nurse Mates style number 2000159

Take a look at the Nurse Mates Align shoes:

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Jillian (Worcester, MA) 11/11/2018
I was excited to get these from reading the reviews but I am dissapointed. There not as comfortable as I thought the’d be. Very stylish but for the price my feet were hurting after only 6 hours of work. I am not on my feet for the whole 8 hours so I couldn’t imagine wearing these for 8 hours of standing.
I think Dansko’s are still the better way to go and well worth the money.
So comfortable
Amanda (Syracuse , NY) 09/28/2018
The most comfortable shoes I could have possibly found for being on my feet for 12+ hours. I wish they had better color options though.
Not for thick or wide feet
Jamey (Prairie View, KS) 08/07/2018
Too tight of fit for anyone with wide feet or a thick instep. Would not recommend. You shouldn't have to "break in a shoe" should be comfortable from the start.
Shannon (Mcmurray, PA) 04/05/2018
These shoes are amazing. I'm a nurse and have tried many brands. This is by far the best. The heels on clogs are too high for me and I'd find myself twisting my ankle a lot. These have the look of a tennis shoe but has a water resistant material. Definitely recommend and true to size!
Great buy!
Crystal Haber (Blue Springs, MO) 12/06/2017
I am not a nurse, but I work for a company that is contracted through the hospital as a newborn hearing screener and wear scrubs. I am on my feet from the time I walk in the door until I get back in my car. Since I am not a nurse and technically don't work FOR the hospital, I don't get to sit down at a nurses station doing any other work until I need to get up. I struggle with my feet hurting and aching so bad and have spent so much money looking for different socks and shoe inserts trying to help. These shoes were expensive and I knew I couldn't take them back if they didn't work. So I was super nervous making the purchase but I'm so glad I did! Now mind you, I don't just suffer from aching feet because I'm standing all day...I've had foot pain and suffering most of my life. From my very first job at age 15 at McDonald's I'd come home from a 4 hour shift and almost be ready to cry. And these shoes don't make me feel like I'm walking on clouds or anything, I still have foot pain. But they are the only things I've been able to do that has made my job MUCH more tolerable! I have a lot more endurance in these and I can still walk when I get home. I was sometimes stuck in the car once I got home because I couldn't stand back up after the break of sitting. If they work that miraculous for me with my foot problems, they may feel like walking on a cloud for someone who doesn't have foot issues. The insoles feel different than any other shoe and force you to stand and walk evenly distributing your weight to your whole foot, not just your heels or balls or even your outsides. I am 1000% happy with my purchase and they have been well worth the money so far. They are comfortable, super non-slip and they are cute!
DENISE (GLENDALE, AZ) 10/10/2017
I have suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for over a year now and have tried many insoles and shoes with support. I am in LOVE with these shoes. Super supportive and so so comfortable. I am buying 2 more pairs! I wear and 8 typically and I got these in an 8 and they fit like a glove.
Love! Love! Love!
Cindy (BOONE, NC) 09/27/2017
At first I thought the bling on the silver thread was not for me, but not only do they look nice, they are so comfortable. I have a narrower foot, so Alegria's are too wide for me, but these work well!!!
Ida Malone (Upper Marlboro, MD) 09/26/2017
I love the color and the shoe strings however, they are tight and at times uncomfortable. Had I not wore them to work I would have returned and exchanged them for a bigger size. I ordered my shoe size (8 1/2), but now I wonder if a size bigger would have been better.
velocity shoes
Carolyn (Cave Creek, AZ) 03/27/2017
I use these shoes to walk my horse and I really like them. They are very comfortable and easy to put on. I recommend them.
Love ❤️
Netta (Columbia , MO) 02/09/2017
OMG these shoes are amazing. They are the most comfortable and adorable compared to other nursing shoes. Plus they don't look like nursing shoes. Bravo Nurse-Mate